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Published on 08 June 2016


Monday 06/06 U14 girls shield final vs Carbury. Final score Eadestown 7:04 Carbury 3:04
After a long training season the u14 girls travelled to Suncroft for their division 2 shield final. On the back of a draw against Cappagh, one of the strongest teams in the competition, we had a home semi-final against Clane. They overcame Clane in the semi-final in a very stylish fashion beating them 9-13 to 1 goal, never letting up despite being well ahead for the whole game.
We had faced Carbury already in the league and they were the victors on that occasion, by 1 point. We had several players who could not make the match that evening. The mentors were quietly confident going into the final, the girls were well up for it after 2 good results in the previous 2 matches.
It was a sunny, humid day in Suncroft with temperatures well into the 20oC. Even the warm up took its toll on the girls with one girl having to sit out the start of the match. Right from the off Eadestown girls were all about getting the ball into the scoring zone but a few nerves were showing as the first 3 attempts were wide of the posts. However Eadestown settled and finally got the first score of the match, a cracker of a goal from Sara Carroll. Sara shortly followed up with a fine point also.
Carbury came back in with a couple of good scores themselves and the game was tied at 1-01 for at least 10 minutes. Eadestown finished out the first half with great scores from Tara Bedford and Rebecca McCabe leaving the score at half time 4-01 to 1-02 to Eadestown.
Despite a good lead at half time Eadestown were being put under a lot of pressure by Carbury in the second half. The heat was affecting both sides and we brought on a few substitutes to give the girls a break. Eadestown scored another goal and 3 points (thanks to Tara Bedford, Rebecca McCabe and Tara Behan) but Carbury scored 2 goals and 2 points leaving the match at only 2 goals ahead for Eadestown.
During a quick water break the girls had a bit of time to gather themselves and they went out and dug deep to score two more goals courtesy of Tara Bedford and Roisin Jameson.
Despite only naming the scorers in the report above the whole 60 minutes was a massive team performance and an exciting and enjoyable match to watch. Please see below a little bio about each of the players.

And the girls looked well in their new jerseys kindly sponsored by Michael Noone (Brian Noone Ltd).

Team Panel: Tara Behan (1 point), Tara Bedford (3:01), Fiona Breslin, Hannah Byrne, Sara Carroll (1:01), Amy Coyle, Caoimhe Dillion, Maria Fay, Elizabeth Harney, Leah Hayden, Sinead Jacob, Roisin Jameson (1 goal), Alannah Kelly, Kate Kehoe, Emer Lane, Katie Molloy, Rebecca McCabe (2:01), Anna McGinn, Fiona McShane, Jane Noone, Catherine Curran, Emma Osbourne, Leah Sargent, Ruth Sargent.

Kate Kehoe is a girl you can put on the pitch to mark a player from the opposition that looks like a danger. Time and time again she has done exactly what we asked her to do and she keeps her marker quiet and out of the game. She has a really good attitude to the game and her team mates.
Roisin Jameson is assured and confident on the ball. One of the younger players on the team, but you wouldn’t think that if you watched her playing. She can carry the ball from the corners or the half forward line and she knows exactly where the goal posts are. Will always put a score up in every match.
Sara Carroll is a real hard working player. Sara is a force to be reckoned with in the midfield. She is strong and agile and is willing to run the length and breadth of the field. She never backs away from a challenge. She is a great ball carrier and she’s a girl that knows how to score too.
Sinead Jacob is a girl who has come a long way over the last few months. We saw Sinead score her first point for the team in the Feile match against Rathangan and she was rightly proud as punch. Since then her skill level and first touch have been steadily improving.
Fiona Breslin is one of our best attenders at training. Week in week out in any weather you can be guaranteed she will be there. Her football skills have come on really well as a result of that. She is very capable of holding the back line. Fiona enjoys the social aspect of the game also having a laugh with her team mates.
Hannah Byrne is a revelation in the full back position. She is strong and tough and has a kick out that Stephen Cluxton would be proud of. She is a super team player and always encourages the younger girls. A player with a great attitude to football and life, she is the joker in the group.
Anna McGinn went hunting for goals in the semi-final against Clane. She had all the right ideas but unfortunately a bit of bad luck denied her 2 goal scoring chances. Anna’s skills have come along nicely in the last few weeks. Always a polite girl and enjoys having a joke with her team mates.
Tara Bedford is such a versatile player that you could put her in the back, midfield or forwards and she would make an impact. She loves to run in space and playing in the half forward line, she is a joy to watch. The most prolific scorer we have, between the semi-finals and final her tally alone is 7-10. She is always positive and a willing team member.
Alannah Kelly is tall and fit as a flea so she makes being a midfielder look like an easy job. She is always encouraging her team to train and has a real positive attitude to her football, a great example to the younger players and leads by example in the scoring department also. She was our captain in the final.
Fiona McShane stepped up and put herself forward as goalie when most others wouldn’t want the job. It’s not an easy task playing in full size goals at that age. She is hard working at the training sessions and loves her football. Fiona’s voice can be heard loudly during the matches encouraging her team mates on.
Emer Lane is a half back that opposition teams don’t like because she has a mix of tenacity and luck and it usually pays off. She manages to get a hand out to stop a player or ball reaching its destination. Emer wants to do well in every match she plays and she sticks to her task nicely.
Emma Osbourne is one of the girls at boarding school, so we don’t unfortunately get to see her as often as we would like too. She is the most dogged player I have ever seen on a pitch of girls that age. She commands in the half back line and never lets up until the ball has gone up to her forwards. Emma has a super attitude to football.
Caoimhe Dillion was a girl we usually played in forwards until her Dad said no, she is hiding up there, put her in backs. Since that her football skills are now at a completely different level. She is more confident with the ball and is not afraid to tackle to win it back. Another girl with a great attitude she always has a smile on her face.
Elizabeth Harney is a corner back that puts her opposition under severe pressure. She understands the game brilliantly and if her team mates are out of position chasing their markers Elizabeth knows exactly when to step in to cover for them. She is strong and dependable and loves her football.
Ruth Sargent is an all-round super athlete. Probably the fittest girl we have on the team and her understanding and reading of the game is second to none. Where ever there is danger on the pitch you will find Ruth doing her best to win the ball back. She is a super ball carrier who knows exactly where the net is.
Leah Sargent is a quiet girl until you let her loose on the pitch, then you see a hardworking, determined character. Her football skills have come on so much over the last few months. Leah has racked up some scores for her team over the league. She is one of the younger players and with 2 years left at this level she will be a player to watch.
Tara Behan is a confident young girl who sees the football as hers and hers only. When she is in possession of the ball she thinks of only one thing, score. Never afraid to take a crack at goals and if it doesn’t work for her on that occasion she is more than confident to keep trying.
Amy Coyle is a full forward that takes no prisoners. Her sole objective is to take possession of the ball and score. Amy is very committed and has often rushed to training while still eating her dinner on the trip up to the pitch. She has scored many times on the journey to the final.
Katie Molloy is a tall girl who can intimidate the opposition with her height. She has shown great skills improvement over the last few months. She is a willing participant at training and enjoys being around her friends for a laugh and joke.
Maria Fay is a talented young musician so unfortunately we don’t get to see her often enough at training or matches. When she is available to us she shows unbelievable focus and determination. She never gives up and has a great attitude, always encouraging her team mates.
Leah Hayden came back to football after a year out and I am delighted she did. She holds the back line with Elizabeth and Hannah and they work brilliantly together. A strong determined girl who is enjoying her training and football.
Jane Noone had an unfortunate injury right at the start of the league. She didn’t let that deter her one bit. She still came along to training to support her team and when she was ready she fought her way back to fitness and right back onto the team. She is without doubt one of the bravest girls on the team, putting herself in harm’s way sometimes to win possession of the ball.
Catherine Curran is new to club football, although she has played with Rathmore NS previously. We knew very little about Catherine’s football skills before now but very quickly it was obvious that Catherine was confident on the football pitch. She is a tough halfback and is very driven. She doesn’t give up the ball without a fight.
Rebecca McCabe is the second boarder on our team so we don’t get to see her very often. But when we do she is some player. She is such a confident ball carrier that we can play her in the back, midfield or forward. Rebecca will always put scores on the board for the team, a great asset to have.

We wish the girls continued football success and we feel honoured to have trained with them in this campaign. Claire, Frankie & Tommy

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